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Study the 18th Third Plenary Session reform and seize the new industry development direction
发布时间:2013-12-13 10:50:53    被阅览数: 1560

     On the November 23rd afternoon, our company organized all the staffs study on the account of the 18th Third Plenary Session. At first, the director of administrative department Mr. Wu read the thesis "CPC Central Committee on deepening reform of the overall number of major issues".  Then we will have a discussion, everybody volunteered to speak, combined with their actual daily work life and in the fact of land policy, property tax policy, energy policy, family planning policy, social security policy, everybody expressed their own opinions.

      Combined the national policy with our industry background, our chairman Mr. Li shared his training course in the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business with us. The course "Macroeconomic policy and distributed energy" make everybody have a more emotional and intuitive understanding on the future development of energy industry. "The view on gas industry development opportunity from the perspective of capital operation of natural” pointed out the direction of our future development.

In the end of the meeting, Mr. Lee put forward 5 demands, first, study frequently, it\s never too late to study; second, have confidence, be confident for our future prospect; third, keep communicating, strength the communication between staff and staff, department and department, company with the government; forth, follow the system, everybody should follow the company rules, improve the working efficiency and create more benefit for our company; fifth, be ready for the opportunity, embrace our new opportunity and future.

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