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M15 methanol gasoline produced by our subsidiary company has passed the national IV standard by the test
发布时间:2013-10-16 13:30:43    被阅览数: 1650

Recently, Deqing County Quality and Technical Supervision has asked for a test on M15 methanol gasoline produced by our subsidiary Zhejiang Green Stone Petroleum Energy Co.,ltd, and the test units is Zhejiang Quality Inspection Institute. From the test results, it is previous that our M15 methanol gasoline indicators met or even exceeded the country Ⅳ gasoline technical requirements, it’s far beyond the DB33/T756.1-2009 standards. It is particularly worth mentioning is the octane number of 98 has reached the country Ⅳ 97 numbers and Ⅴ 95 gasoline standards; The sulfur content is 6 mg / kg, which is far below the current market sales of Euro III petrol 150 mg / kg. The sulfur content in oil almost decided the level of motor vehicle emissions of all pollutants. Both fine particulate matter (PM2.5), hydrocarbons or nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, will increase as the sulfur content increases.

There are 246,000 existing vehicle fleets in Yueqing at present, if everyone is using the M15 methanol gasoline, PM2.5 emissions will be reduced more than 7 times, equivalent to only 30,000 units motor vehicle emissions, which will greatly reduce the city PM2. 5 indicators.

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