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Brilliant work makes good quality, our company lubrication oil pilot plant has completed
发布时间:2013-10-12 15:50:30    被阅览数: 1668


With the rapid development of CNEN Energy Group, following the 2013 February "Sino-European" nine series of automotive lubricants overall launched to the market, there also comes the good news, in July 2013, the company spent a construction group with research and development, pilot plant production functions were put into full production, the annual production capacity of 10,000 tons.

Nowadays accompanied with Chinese economic "soft landing", the industries develop slowly; oil supply enterprises are confronted with severe challenges. In recent years, the economic environment is changing rapidly; industrial structure adjustment is always in the wind, following the development trend of the times is the key to success. In terms of industrial lubricants market, product development direction must come from junior to senior progress, a lot of technical backwardness, not environmentally, low-cost products will eventually be replaced by higher technological products, and equipment management level also requires appropriate lubricants management level. To speed up the pace of "Sino-European" brand building, to achieve the "Sino-European" brand development and upgrading of existing products in the industry, engineering, automotive, specialty lubricants areas, in 2013, our company plans to build a set of pilot plant with research and production function according to the annual planning and construction, we have an initial design in February, we have went through construction of infrastructure, the system pressure test, tank calibration, system cleaning, process piping equipment corrosion insulation, electrical control facilities installed, till now in the end of June, which lasted for five months, we have finished the installation construction. It will put into pilot production phase. Meanwhile two 100,000 tons of petrochemical base oil projects in Huzhou are in the pipeline.

During the installation construction period, the relevant departments actively cooperate with construction unit, strictly deal with the quality; to ensure the control device be completed on schedule, they worked in higher temperature. "We must first sharpen his tools", only sophisticated equipment can only output high-quality products, the company completed this pilot plant, which has laid a solid foundation.

Confronted with countless international and domestic lubricants brands competition, the company has R & D team and the modern production equipment, which makes the "Sino-European" brand stand out in the field of lubrication. We firmly believe that we will swagger to create a more brilliant future and realize our dream on the “Sino-European” brand construction road with our higher enthusiasm and steady belief.

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