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●Enterprise is based on person and a person is the root of the enterprise.

      Zhong Neng is an outgoing enterprise. We will absorb different kinds of talents with her broad mind. The enterprise development is accompanied with the happy growth of every staff and we will meet our beautiful future together.

      Zhong Neng will provide an excellent platform for the people who want to do something. We develop rapidly so our desire for talents is strong. We welcome every person who wants to do something to join in. This is a win-win process.

●Choosing standard.

       Moral integrity first: a good society and life value is the stable inner foundation.

       “Vierung”: better educated: we should have abundance of knowledge and culture which meet company requirements.

       Rejumvanation: we appreciate the vitality and passionate youngsters.

       Individuality: personal characters should be fully highlighted.

       Professionalism: we should have professional knowledge, spirit and professional ethics.

       Behavior fact: be honest, pragmatic, simple and persistent. When confronted with difficulties, we should be firm and indomitable.

●Employing standard: have a common goal, have both ability and political integrity and master many skills while specializing in one.

       Have a common goal: “people who haven’t got the same goal won’t be together”, which stresses that anybody who wants to join in should have the same value with the enterprise. People who share the common idea and value could develop and survive with the enterprise together.

      Have both ability and political integrity: morality requires social responsibility and the identity of abiding the enterprise value. Ability means one’s ability should not only satisfy the working duty requirements, but also create the first-class performance skills. In a word, the requirements are integrity, diligence, motivation and compatibility.

      Master many skills while specializing in one: except for the core skills, ability requires other related knowledge and skills. We emphasize on developing specialty, at the same time, improving comprehensive quality is very important.

●Ideal candidate: make full use of one’s specialty, incorporate things of diverse nature and develop together.

      Make full use of one’s specialty: we should adopt one’s good point and avoid his shortcomings. We emphasize that the responsibility should match the quality, skill and individuality. Incorporate things of

      diverse nature: we absorb different kinds of talents with different qualification, background and management style with a broaden mind.

      Develop together: we provide a wide developing stage for our staffs and the staffs would make full use of their own intelligence and wisdom. The staffs could promote the enterprise development by realizing their personal value which embodies a win-win situation.

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