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         Product Introduction
M15 93# high-clean and green methanol gasoline has the equivalent scope and effect, can be used alone with the same grade unleaded gasoline, it could not only be used alone, but also can be mixed with unleaded gasoline or ethanol gasoline interchangeably, without changing the engine structure. It’s a new-type high-tech environmental energy-saving fuel. M15 93 # clean and green methanol gasoline is based on the summary of alcohol fuel research results at home and abroad, with the help of the innovation of the additives and configuration technology, there produced the new environmental alternative energy. And this new alternative energy is explosive, exhausting, carbon emissions and other advantages.
         Ecological civilization
    methanol gasoline production base Green Stone is completed
    methanol gasoline is conveniently introduced in Yue Qing
    civilization construction include in party constitution
    cooperate with 995
         Industry News
    automatic alcohol ether fuel application look forward to speed up
    methanol fuel trial testing and energy predicament icebreaking
    energy conservation and emissions reduction
    enchanting methanol industry chain
         laws and regulations
    some leaders such as Chen Jiayuan vice governor will introduce policies to standard methanol gasoline
    Miit will policy specification of methanol gasoline
    Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, director of proposals, the former governor of machinery industry He Yuanguag make the important instructions
    General Secretary Hu Jintao reported in Guangyuan and other comrades on the promotion of coal-based alcohol fuel to replace gasoline, diesel Recommendations
    methanol gasoline promotion acceleration
    Zhejiang will become a main force of methanol gasoline industry
    Zhejiang Provincial secretary Zhao Hongzhu: transform development pattern create ecological Zhejiang
         Products and Marketing
    M15 methanol gasoline inspection report
    fuel consumption and exhaust gas emission inspection report
    modality for cooperation
    cooperation website
    technology investment
         Media reports
    methanol gasoline amplified calls
    Zhejiang methanol gasoline experimental unit accelerate
    Zhejiang methanol gasoline experimental unit accelerate Audi and BMW “drink”
    Zhejiang methanol gasoline experimental unit evaluation will finish next month
         Relevant knowledge
    automotive methanol gasoline driver service manual
    the speciality and advantage of methanol gasoline
    methanol gasoline using announcement
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