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1、 Enterprise spirit
Happy work healthy life harmonious development
 ● Happy work is a positive attitude towards life. Work is a must for life; we must work for our life. However, we could choose our working attitude. We work with a positive attitude, and then we will find the beauty of the work and feel the happiness in it.
 ● Healthy life is a kind of pursuit and satisfaction for both material and spirit life. Healthy life would create harmony and happy family. Happy work is the basic of healthy life. Only when we work happily, we could just have healthy life. Meanwhile, healthy life would enable us to work happily.
 ●Harmonious development is the theme in the society development. It’s a synergistic development system. Happy work is a kind of harmony and so is the healthy life. Harmony is a perfect state. However, it’s not stable. It will develop into a higher level.

2、Enterprise core concept:Integrity professionalism innovation harmony
◇Acquire customers with integrity:How long the enterprise integrity maintains, how long the customers’ reliability will sustain. How old the enterprise reputation is, how many customers we’ll get. We should take integrity as the basic principal in enterprise survival, do everything well and keep every promise so that integrity would be the managing and serving principal. Only with integrity, could we win the trust and loyalty of our customers, could we have a wider developing space, could we survive forever in future competition.
◇Achieve business with professionalism: Professionalism means putting our job, duty, profession, business, enterprise and team in our mind; loving the work and team we are engaged in and being immersed in our job. We should be responsible, do our duty, devoting ourselves and be dedicated in selflessly.
◇Extend foundation with innovation: Flowing water could keep clean, innovation could keep going. Market changes in every moment, competition exists everywhere. Should we keep creating, we could keep pace with the constantly changing market and ensure the foundation solid.
◇Harmony casts glory:Days as location , geography as good as people .Unity forces combat effectiveness , unity , unity efficiency, Harmony and win-win team is invincible magic of the enterprise .

3、Other concepts
(1)Basic concept: Action would change with minds. Custom would change with action. Individualism would change with custom. Destiny would change with individualism.
(2)Take action:Winners find method while losers find excuse.
  People oriented: respecting personality, encouraging creation, helping improving, affirming achievement and enjoying happiness in work.
(3)Integrity first: Maintain the favorable reputation of our company by accurately realizing the promise to the customers.
(4)Teamwork spirit: Pay attention to the overall profit of our company, overcome the obstacles by integration of resources, and realize reserved strategy and goal.
(5)Being diligent and pragmatic: Be an innocent, professional and responsible person, to build the grand business of CNEN Group together.
(6)Value creation: Pursue the CNEN value maximize and try our best to efficiently fulfill a task.
(7)Continuous transcendence: Decidedly revise while we are thwarted; consolidate the advantages while we are successful. We should keep innovation and transcendence.

4、Enterprise brand paraphrase
:The brand is composed of the abbreviation of China and Energy these two words. CN represents China and EN represents Energy. The red point comes from the English part of oil. Blue represents for the nature of low-carbon environment. The choosing of the red point means that the oil industry is always booming, which satisfies the need of a higher level. The combination of red and blue has a strong crush and inflection in color. The brand is rigorous, simple and lively. It not only perfectly reflects our enterprise concepts, but also reflects that all the staffs in the company cooperate together to create a harmony and beautiful enterprise.

5、Enterprise goal
First step: In one to two years, we will consummate the enterprise culture reconstruction, optimize enterprise construction, improve employee profit and gather the enterprise force.
Second step: In three to five years, we will make the enterprise standard and prepare to go public, becoming the oil sales leader in eastern places.
Third step: In five to ten years, we will strength the management principal, create core competition and strive to be the first three enterprises in Chinese oil products sales industry.Enterprise goal is the destruction towards the enterprise vision.
No matter we do anything, we should start from the point, from where we could do. Our enterprise goal is to make a plan for our next ten years. It’s separated into three steps. It’s an evolutionary process. The staffs won’t feel impressed because of the rapid development, at the same time, the staffs won’t feel homeless without having a goal.
Management principle: Oil price changes every second, Zhong Neng will be the same.◇Oil price changes every second: In the drastic market competition, all our products, including our oil products are in the constantly changing intense competition. The market changes quickly, so does the oil price. In this situation, it’s a strict test for us. Let’s be a brave man and strive to the success.
◇Zhong Neng will be the same: CNEN is an enterprise which acquires the market with integrity and promise. Our enterprise develops in integrity. Confronting with the fiercely changing market, we keep calm and deal with all kinds of difficulties. We keep an abiding faith---be sincere forever and be the same integrity.

6、Enterprise value
● Enterprise grows up with staffs: The maximum of enterprise value comes from the maximum value of employees. Without the employees’ all-around development, there’s no overall development of enterprise. We make full use of every employee’s potential and we insist on teamwork spirit. We create a fair environment for employees to grow up. We encourage the employees to establish good visions so that the employees could realize themselves and the enterprise could grow up tighter with the employees.
● Enterprise develops with customers: Without customers there’s no market. Where there is no market, there is no enterprise. Serving customers is serving us ourselves. Helping customers is helping us ourselves. If customers develop, then we will grow up. We regard the customers as the god and we try our best to provide the best oil product and satisfactory service so that our customers and we could benefit and develop together.
● Enterprise improves with society: A better social environment is the foundation in enterprise development. Society development creates the conditions for enterprise development. Hence, when enterprise creates benefit, the correspond duty and responsibility should be for society at the same time. We keep our integrity and obey the social morality and try our best to create physical and mental wealth for society so that we could realize the enterprise maximum value to repay our country and make contribution for the area prosperity and social development.

7、Employee rule
●Employee behavior standard: Be loyal to enterprise, coordinate and cooperate, be efficient for optimal and be professional.
(1)Be loyal to enterprise: Do not do anything bad to the company and maintain our enterprise honor.
(2)Coordinate and operate: Complete our responsible work without excuse. We should actively undertake the unknown work and be ready for help.
(3)Be efficient for optimal: Do not afraid of competition and dare to compete. We could make the first-class performance in the drastic competition.
(4)Professional development: Every success is filled with sweat and the beautiful future is painted with no longer stagnant view.
●Manager behavior standard: Be of one heart and one mind, be responsible, be diligent and pragmatic, and be creative.
(1)Be of one heart and one mind: Persist in the principal of enterprise integrity interests first, be good at listen to different opinions and unite with any person who can be united.
(2)Be responsible: Keep strong entrepreneurial spirit and crisis awareness. Be responsible for company future and important management decisions.
(3)Be diligent and pragmatic: Be pragmatic and pay attention to the details; transcend ourselves and pursue excellence.
(4)Be creative: Advocate lifelong learning and improve the ability of creation.

8、Employee’s life

Dare to deny ourselves and pursue a higher state.。

● Which we provide our employees is not even an employment opportunity, but a stage to show our advantages, intelligence and creation. We elaborately make professional development plan for every employee so that everyone could achieve their dreams. At the same time, the company would provide nice welfare treatment.
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